Charlie R cket

Marketing Innovation.
Creating loyal fan bases using social media, Using storytelling to form deep emotional connections with your customers, and Shifting culture through impact driven campaigns

Charlie’s marketing innovation speech tells the same stories of his childhood in Atlanta and how he went on to build a music empire, 4 different million dollar clothing lines, created the biggest Nike campaign in history, and now, building the worlds fasting growing social media driven, philanthropic movement. It all started with Charlie’s secret to marketing, a philosophy called Momology: how to turn strangers into people who will support your business as much as your mom. This has been his secret to building everything he has built. Charlie will discuss how he blew up artists to be the biggest in the world with zero marketing budget, how he created 2 Chainz, who was a washed up rapper, and turned him into a grammy winning artist. He will talk about how he created his own Character “Charlie Rocket”, and how he was able to bring a billion dollar campaign to Nike that shifted their entire marketing strategy. It was the most profitable Nike campaign of all time. He will finish by talking about how he has now generated over 1 billion views, built a community of 8 million people, and received support from Oprah, Steve Harvey, and more for his philanthropic work he is doing.

3 Main Takeaways.

How to create loyal fan bases and customers using social media

How to use storytelling to form deep emotional connections with your customers

How to shift culture through impact driven marketing campaigns

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