Charlie R cket

Dream Crazy.
Awakening your childhood Dreams, Developing a winning mindset, and Unlocking your full potential.

Charlie is a storytelling driven speaker, and he will tell stories from how he learned about business from his mom, who was a vacuum cleaner saleswomen to how at the age of 17 he was touring with the biggest music artist in the world Soulja Boy. Charlie will share his secrets to how he created a music empire managing some of the biggest artists in the world, such as 2 Chainz and Travis Porter, selling over 43 million records sold, going on world tours, and winning grammies. At the height of his career, at the age of 28, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Weighing over 300 lbs and facing death, Charlie decided it was time to chase his childhood dream of being an athlete. He will share his stories of how he lost 125 pounds, ran 5 marathons, completed an ironman, biked across America, and became a nike sponsored athlete. He will share how he co-created the biggest Nike campaign of all time where he was feature in a Super Bowl Commercial named after him called “Dream Crazy.” After all his dreams come true, Charlie has dedicated the rest of his life to making dreams come true for others and inspiring others to dream crazy. He will finish his speech by talking about how he is now traveling the world, giving away millions of dollars to people in need, and creating social impact at the biggest level. He is creating the biggest, social media philanthropic movement ever created.

3 Main Takeaways.

Steps to awaken your dreams and turn them to reality

Develop a mindset of a winner and how to overcome any obstacles that get in your way

Unlock your full potential and purpose so you can achieve everything you want in your life

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